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Andy Gibb

    Throughout my life I have always been an observer and have been privileged with a talent to visualise those observations through the means of drawing.

    Art education started at the age of twelve, attending Saturday art classes at Epsom School of Art and at summer workshops in the UK and on the continent.

    Full time art education began at Epsom School of Art, but I transferred to Guildford School of Art as they were going to introduce a completely new and untested course to their curriculum that was unique to art education in the UK.

    This was the 1960’s a highly creative and innovative time in all areas of the arts and design.  We had the privilege of being mentored and tutored by some of the best creative’s, technicians and innovators of the time to guide us.

     In my final year I was invited to continue my studies on a post graduate course at one of the London School’s of Art, I declined this offer as I felt it was time to work.

    For ten years from 1967 I worked commercially for Multinational Companies, Advertising Agencies, Art Studios and Publishers, producing illustrations, visualising and covering all aspects of design, absorbing further skills and techniques from some of the most creative people in the business that added an invaluable asset to my thinking and working.

    In 1978 I decided freelance was the only way forward for me, as I have the ability in a variety of disciplines across a wide range of subjects, with an extensive range of design, painting and illustrative drawing techniques.

    During this creative journey I have achieved numerous awards internationally and at home.  I have been the subject of plagiarism and many original artworks have not been returned.  The artworks I will be publishing represent my journey through the five decades of ‘non electronic’ commercial art and design.

    Artworks are available as commissions, originals and prints.  They come with a provenance and signed by the artist.

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